Flood Management Plan

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Zone 7’s Flood Management Plan (FMP) is being completed through two phases with the goal of optimizing flood management across the entirety of the Zone 7 flood protection system. 

Flood Management Plan Background

Recent, relatively minor flood events have caused widespread damage to Zone 7’s 37-mile flood protection system. Channel bank erosion and sedimentation have led to costly repairs. Moreover, the confluence of factors such as urbanization, population growth, climate change, aging flood infrastructure, and changing environmental regulations has exerted additional stress on the flood protection system.

Zone 7 is proactively addressing these challenges by developing a comprehensive Flood Management Plan (FMP) that will optimize flood management across the Livermore-Amador Valley region, encompassing the entirety of the Zone 7 flood protection system. This initiative is aligned with District Act 205, as modified by Assembly Bill 1125, and is harmonized with Zone 7’s overarching Strategic Plan. FMP formulation is further informed by prior planning studies.

The FMP is a high-level flood management strategy. The FMP Phase 1 document, published in September 2022, outlines the goals and objectives of Zone 7, describing “what” needs to be accomplished to reduce flood risk. The FMP Phase 2 document--currently under development--will describe “how” to achieve these goals and objectives with means/methods that are both practical and comprehensive.

The FMP will be updated every five years, or as conditions dictate.

Project Map

Click on the interactive map below to learn about the Zone 7 service area. Use the filter to edit which map features are displayed.

FMP Guiding Principles

Seven guiding principles direct Zone 7’s conduct of flood management and form the basis for the FMP.


Align with Zone 7 Strategic Plan


Foster public engagement


Do what is needed and practical to manage flood risk


Account for climate change


Be risk informed


Advance stakeholder collaboration


Provide multi-benefit solutions

FMP Phases

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Phase 1

The Phase 1 document looked at what will reduce flood risk by:

  • Describing the existing Zone 7 flood protection system and protected areas
  • Describing the existing and future flood risks posed to the system and protected areas
  • Establishing goals and objectives to reduce flood risk
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Phase 2

The Phase 2 document will describe how to implement what was identified in Phase 1.

The Phase 2 document is currently being developed.

The Phase 2 FMP will:

  • Specify existing and future risks
  • Develop, evaluate, and prioritize proposed solutions
  • Provide guidance for risk-based, proactive maintenance of the flood protection system
  • Engage stakeholders and the public

FMP Schedule


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Stay Informed

We value your input. Add your name to the stakeholder list to stay informed on project updates, public meetings, and opportunities for stakeholder engagement. Public comments on the FMP can be provided at any time.

News & Events

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Public Meetings are anticipated to be scheduled in the second half of 2024. Click here to add your name to our stakeholder list to receive meeting and FMP updates.

Public Meetings are anticipated to be scheduled in the second half of 2024. Click here to add your name to our stakeholder list to receive meeting and FMP updates.