Zone 7 welcomes teachers back with new Water Academy Rewards program

Program incentivizes teachers to build a new generation of water champions

News Release

LIVERMORE, Calif. (September 7, 2023) – Zone 7 Water Agency welcomes teachers back to school with an invitation to join its new Water Academy rewards program. Zone 7’s Water Academy allows teachers to sign up for an in-classroom lesson taught by certified educators. The comprehensive water-focused in-classroom lessons align with Next Generation Science Standards and are grade-specific for TK through 12th grade classes. Teachers who participate in the rewards program will earn gift certificates for helping children learn the importance of water in the community, economy and environment.

“The Zone 7 Water Academy is designed to build a new generation of water champions with interactive, grade-specific, standards-based lessons for students of every age,” said program director Liz Wilkins. “We understand teachers are incredibly busy and wanted to provide an incentive for them to invite us into their classrooms for these important lessons that help us build responsible and informed citizens.”

Teachers can earn reward points for hosting lessons, referring other teachers and sharing program information on social media. Bonus points will be awarded for signing up before October 15, though lessons can take place anytime throughout the school year. Teachers have their choice of gift certificates from Amazon, Target and Starbucks.

Zone 7 Water Agency has been providing in-class water education programs for more than twenty years and has evolved the Water Academy program to provide in-classroom visits, teacher incentives, at-home activities for families and virtual lessons. Learn more about the Water Academy program at