Annual Water Quality Reports


Test tubes and glass beakers filled with different colored liquids.

Step inside the world of water and learn how Zone 7 Water Agency ensures that drinking water is safe, clean and sustainable in these Water Quality Reports, also commonly referred to as the Consumer Confidence Reports.

The most recent easy-to-navigate 2023 Consumer Confidence Report features graphics illustrating the sources, treatment, safety and testing of local water. Explore the report to learn about new and ongoing initiatives to further improve water quality, including Zone 7’s proactive measures in addressing PFAS chemicals to ensure the safety of our community.

All Zone 7 water supplied in 2023 met the regulatory standards set by the state and federal governments and, in almost all cases, the quality was significantly better than required.

Download the 2023 Consumer Confidence Report .

Highlights of the 2023 Annual Consumer Confidence Report include:
  • 2023 water quality testing results
  • Source water assessment
  • Stoneridge Well PFAS Treatment Facility Grant
  • Proactively addressing PFAS

Archive of Consumer Confidence Reports

To view Source Water Assessment Reports, click here.

Close up of hands wearing blue gloves holding tubes of water.