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earthday_07.jpgZone 7's work in the area of environmental stewardship comes in many forms -- aimed at protecting not only our local drinking-water supplies and flood-protection channels, but also the overall environment and quality of life.

  • Our local watershed: Zone 7 helps protect, through management strategies, public education, community clean-up events, partnerships and other means, the watershed in order to reduce stormwater and other pollution in creeks. Click here.
  • Fisheries enhancement: Along with other Bay Area agencies, Zone 7 works collaboratively with the National Marine Fisheries Service on its development of strategies for fisheries enhancement to protect a threatened steelhead trout population. Click here.
  • Living Arroyos: This multi-agency partnership aims to enhance and maintain the urban streams and streamside habitats of the Livermore-Amador Valley, while continuing to protect drinking water supplies and prevent flooding. The program relies on active community support and involvement. Click here.
  • Addressing climate change: Zone 7 has been doing its part to address climate change by exploring ways to reduce dependence on fossil fuels for electrical energy used in our water-treatment and groundwater-pumping operations. Zone 7 also has begun planning ways to adapt its existing water-supply and flood-protection infrastructure to respond to greater climate variability in the future. Click here.
  • Energy efficiency: Zone 7 has taken many steps to improve energy efficiency in its operations, both to reduce its energy costs and help the environment. Click here.
  • Eastern Alameda County Conservation Strategy (EACCS): Zone 7 has worked with other local jursidictions, along with state and federal resource agencies, to develop a habitat conservation strategy for eastern Alameda County. It aims to provide a collaborative and consistent approach to preservation of the area's biological resources. The idea is to help coordinate and streamline mitigation requirements associated with various development and infrastructure projects (including Zone 7s water-supply and flood-protection projects), and to help base those mitigations on areas of strategic biological value. Click here.
  • Lake Del Valle Watershed Property purchase: Zone 7 recently purchased approximately 5,000 acres of rangeland near Lake Del Valle for the purposes of watershed protection:
  • Report a spill or dumping: For information on where to report a spill or dumping in a local waterway, click here.