Drought Alert: 15% Mandatory Conservation Required for the Tri-Valley


The drought conditions in California and particularly Northern California are real. We are experiencing an unprecedented drought. The 2020-21 water year was the driest year on record for the Tri-Valley and data shows January, February and March were the driest first three months of the year in California history.

As drought conditions continue, we need your help in meeting a 15% conservation goal to preserve water for 2023, and beyond.  The water we all save this year, will help us weather another dry year next year.

Conservation is Key

Zone 7 has proactively planned for multiple dry years, but conservation is an important part of the water supply portfolio.  Zone 7 has been relying heavily on the groundwater basin, which holds the imported water Zone 7 stores there during wet years to sustain the Tri-Valley during the drought. Conservation is a key piece to prolonging this supply.

What Happened on September 1, 2021?

On September 1, 2021 the Zone 7 Board of Directors voted unanimously on a resolution declaring a Drought Emergency and Stage 2 Water Shortage Emergency. This declaration includes a mandatory 15% conservation from all Zone 7 retailers including:


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Retailer Water Conservation Measures & Regulations

Zone 7 does not set specific regulations for retailers to reach the 15% mandatory conservation target. These are set by individual jurisdictions. Check below to learn more about measures and regulations set by your water retailer or city.

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Our Water’s Journey

The water that flows from your tap originated from a number of sources including snowpack, rainfall and underground aquifers. The majority of the Tri-Valley’s water supply is imported from outside the region.

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Water Wise Wendy

We need our community’s help during the drought to save water! Not sure where to start when it comes to saving water? Wondering if little changes actually make a big difference? Well, not to worry – Water Wise Wendy is here to guide us! With help from her friends at Zone 7, Water Wise Wendy provides tips and tricks for saving water inside your home and in your yard, all year round.