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Keeping Your Water Safe


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All water supplied to our customers meets the regulatory standards set by the state and federal governments and, in almost all cases, the quality was significantly better than required. We are committed to delivering a safe and reliable water supply to our customers. Zone 7 continues to deliver all water below the California Division of Drinking Water’s response levels for PFOA and PFOS.

What Zone 7 is doing about PFAS:

We want our consumers to know that as part of our commitment to water quality, Zone 7 has been following regulatory guidance on PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) as contaminants of emerging concern, as we do with all such contaminants that may pose a health risk, because public health and safety is our highest priority. We have been conducting voluntary monitoring of our systems since 2013 and following State regulatory testing requirements since they were implemented in 2019. In the instances where these contaminants have been sampled above response levels (RL) in Zone 7 wells, Zone 7 has taken steps to treat the contaminants and they are below response levels in water delivered to customers. More information on the monitoring of our systems can be found in the presentations and staff reports linked below.

Zone 7’s Commitment to Transparency:

At Zone 7, transparency is one of our core values. Zone 7 has posted all sampling data, reports and presentations to the Board on its website where the public can access it anytime. We have also included this data in our annual Consumer Confidence Reports. In addition to that, we have a PFAS Information Sheet and Quarterly Monitoring Update that are regularly updated to help our customers better understand this issue. We have also compiled local, state and federal resources for our consumers to easily access. All of this information can be found in the links below. Should you have any additional questions, please send a message to our Water Quality Manager, Gurpal Deol.

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