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Educational Resources


Maintaining a multi-generational water supply is a complex effort, and we believe that the best way to support our customers and partners is to provide transparent and approachable information about how we provide water services.

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Child learning about water during an at-home lesson with their parent

Kid Zone

Teaching kids to be water-savvy today translates to water-wise adults for generations to come. That’s the concept behind Kid Zone, a Tri Valley area schools program sponsored by Zone 7 Water Agency that educates kids about all things water.

Find activities, videos and games that teach youth about our water system, inspiring the future water leaders of tomorrow!

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For Teachers: K-5 and Middle School Lessons

Zone 7 is committed to educating our youth about water resources through an effective school program that brings a comprehensive curriculum to over 650 classrooms each year. Our free lessons are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards for K-12 content, created and taught by certified educators.

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A green bush filled with Penstemon, light purple colored flowers

Conservation and Rebates

In cooperation with our partner agencies, Zone 7 offers a variety of rebates to support our customers in their water conservation efforts. Rebate offers vary, so use this website as a complementary resource to information provided by your water retailer.